Our partners

Altaï Canaries is a dedicated adventure trip organizer based in Tenerife. Several renowned travel agencies trust us as their exclusive partner here. They entrust us with their customers for both group and individual trips and have been doing so for years. We always seek the best quality, remain loyal to our Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Policies and are uncompromising about the experience we sell to our travellers.

We keep in mind these four promises in order to give life our customers that unique Altaï experience:

1. Off the beaten track

We do not support mass tourism, our trips venture into nature reserves and remote unspoilt regions.

2. Active trips

On foot, by bike or in kayaks ...  We offer the chance to discover the world in a unique and intimate way, through activity.

3. Guaranteed professional supervision

Safety is at the heart of all of our adventures - our expert guides are all qualified outdoor practitioners.

4. Respect

We protect and support the environments and local people we encounter on our trips.